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Monthly Archives: October 2008

I find Insane Clown Posse’s music, horrid, unbearable, ear splitting, and thats saying something, since my taste runs anywhere from Eminem, to Cannibal Corpse. Why be clowns? Why be grown men, wearing clown make-up? Are they mentally retarded, or just doing it for the hype? Personally, I’m not sure, it may be both for all I know. All I know is that I hate clowns, and these guys make it a million times worse, their music sucks ass too! Yes, its my opinion, and my blog, and i don’t feel like fighting about it with a bunch of “juggalos & juggalettes. Alright? Good.

What is your take on ICP?



Personally I think abortion is the worst possible thing you could do unless it was going to kill you to have the child, or if the child would be a product of incest or rape.  I personally would never do it, I’d rather die and have the baby live then take his or her life away before its gotten started.. Yes i know, “fetuses aren’t alive” and all that jazz, but you know what? You’re just an idiot! Would you have liked it if your mother thought that about you? That you weren’t alive? How would that make you feel? FETUSES ARE PEOPLE, TOO DAMMIT!!

I don’t know whats got me so hyped up this morning, maybe its the lack of sleep, and all this Mountain Dew I’m drinking, but what does it matter? I’ve shared this with you, and I’m probably going to get harassed. Oh well, thats life.